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What is RSS?

Say you like to browse through your five favorite websites each day, to see what's new. Five sites, fifteen minutes apiece - that's over an hour, just to find out if there are any new articles.
Wouldn't you rather have the latest news delivered directly to you? RSS automatically tells you when something new is posted online - so you spend less time searching for content and more time enjoying it.
Examples of feeds you may want to subscribe to:

  • New items for sale on your favorite shopping sites

  • Tour dates from your favorite band site

  • Upcoming events at a local college, such as seminars or lectures

  • A friend's collection of travel bookmarks, which she updates frequently

  • New job listings and resume tips from a job database

  • Posts on your favorite blogs

How do I use RSS?

To use RSS you need to:
1. Choose an RSS reader
2. Subscribe to an RSS feed, and
3. Read and enjoy!

1. Choose an RSS reader
RSS readers can either be Standalone or Plugin. Standalone readers are applications that run in the background on your desktop and automatically update your subscribed feeds. Here are some standalone readers:
RSS Reader [Windows]
FeedReader [Windows]
AmphetaDesk [Mac, Win, Linux]

Plugin readers work within one of you existing programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

There are a variety of free RSS readers available as well as readers you can purchase that have more tools and features within the reader.

2. Subscribe to an RSS feed
Most RSS readers will come with a collection of RSS feeds organized by topic such as News, Health, Finance, etc. More than likely you will want to subscribe to other feeds that are of interest to you. To know if a website or blog offers an RSS Feed, look for the RSS subscribe button or link, which can be the classic orange buttons or , a simple list of links (RSS, Atom, MyYahoo, Bloglines) or your selected RSS Reader's button. .
Most RSS readers support multiple ways to subscribe to an RSS feed:

  • Click to Subscribe
  • When you see a feed you're interested in, simply click on the subscribe button or link and follow the prompts offered by your RSS reader to complete the subscription.

  • Drag and Drop to Subscribe
  • Another simple way to subscribe is by dragging the subscribe button or link into the RSS Reader. You will be instantly subscribed to that feed.

  • Manually Add Feeds
  • If you know the URL of the feed you want to subscribe to, most RSS Readers will off you the option to add it manually.

3. Read and Enjoy!Once you have subscribed to the RSS feeds you want, your RSS reader will seek out that information, and you will receive any new content from the publisher. Most feed readers present you with easy-to-browse headlines and short summaries of the latest information, including links that will take you directly to the full article. You can see what's new on dozens of sites, and read only the ones that interest you.

Here it is the RSS link of our site and the button for adding the feed into My Yahoo service: